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How does the ALKEM Industrial Supplies Website work ?

In this buying guide you will discover the website, its categories, products and buying process.


Alkem Industrial Supplies was created in 1980 in a small town of Queensland by Damian's Dad. After 20 years, Damian took the ownership of the company to give it a younger image and a new boost. At the begining specialised only in Bandsaw Blades, he has diversified the business around all factories and D.I.Y. tools, abrasives, safety equipment and chemicals. ALKEM is now one of the first resseller around Brisbane, in all Queensland and in all Northern Territory.

Since a couple of months, the ALKEM team is working on the online presence, creating a new and intuitive website, an e-shop to allow customers to find all our products and some products catalogues . We also have launch our own products labelling, from workshop equipments to cleaners and bandsaw blades


You can contact us in different ways. You can call us at any hours between 7am to 4pm every days of the week. We will answer you with pleasure, and if we don't answer we'll call you back very soon. You can also contact us by e-mail  at

Further more, you can find us on Facebook and Linkedin, to be up to our special offers, news and discounts.


ALKEM industrial Supplies provide a wide range of products, specialist in Bandsaw Blade at the beginning we expanded to some different products. We now have 8 product ranges which cover the need of all industrial companies.

Bandsaw Blades

We provide Bandsaw Blades which are very suitable for all workshop conditions - Steel merchants, steel construction, machine shops, General jobbing workshops and your D.I.Y. needs.

We provide two different brands, Bahco bandsaw blades and ALKEM Pirahna bandsaw blades divided in 3 different ranges: Bi-Metal Blades, Carbide Blades and Carbon Blades. Some accessories are available as well.

We can also provide a checking and calibrating service of your bandsaw machine to test your: Bandsaw blade speed, bandsaw machine feed rate, bandsaw tension, machine coolant percentage.


ALKEM provides lubricants and machine coolants for all your machines, blades, tools etc. Indeed, each machine has to be well used and maintained in a good condition. Our lubricants are used for the metal machining in order to improve the life of your blades, increase lubrication for the cutting, reduce the thermal deformation of your workpiece, make the finish surface smoother, and flush away the pieces of chip from the cutting zone.


ALKEM always sources only the best quality of abrasives from the leaders in the market to give our customers to best life out of their products. Our product range is diverse and wide so we offer you many options for all your cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing needs. All our products have been developed over many years by different specialised brands like Klingspor which manufactures excellent performing products from Europe (Germany). 

Drilling and Cutting

ALKEM's known and trusted brands will ensure you will get your job done without wasting money on tooling. We also offer advice on our products at any time. With the product knowledge of our suppliers you will be sure to get the answer you need. We provide different kind of Carbide BurrsCountersinkers, Deburrers and Step drills, Drills, Annular Cutter and Holesaws.

Workshop Equipments

ALKEM has a huge range of workshop equipments and accessories available. If you need a new machine for the workshop or an Air tool or Handtool for the assembly line to precise set of verniers required for the machine shop, we can supply the right product for your budget. We have every products and industrial tools and equipment that our suppliers provide. We are sepcialised in Industrial tools supplies in Queensland and Northern Territory.

Cleaning Chemicals

At Alkem, we provide cleaning chemicals for some kind of industries. Whether cleaning industry, commercial and domestic sectorsgovernment, education, car companies, hospitality as well as the general public or every cleaning companies.
You can find our chemical list here.


At ALKEM, we provide a large range of safety equipement to make sure you and your workers are protected at all times. Whether Eyes, Hearing or Hand protection, we offer different models and shapes adapted to your own needs.

Clearance Sale Items

In this category you could find all our clearance products. They are sold with discount and gather our end-of-series products.

Products of the month

Every months we provide 4 products with 10% off. You can find those product at the end of our home page. Those offers are available from every first day of each month to the last day of each month.


In our catalogues page you can find our product catalogue and the ones of our suppliers. All products available on the catalogues are also available by Alkem. If you need one product on one catalogue that you can't find in our shop, please contact us for a presonalised quote.

Buying Process

Are the prices include GST?

All our prices include GST.

How to place an order ?

That's easy – just browse through our products and if you see something you want to buy, select the product details button select the colour, pack, size or quantity and click the ‘'Add to Cart’' button. You can then choose to continue shopping or you can proceed to check out.

How to add my items on my cart?

After you ''Add to Cart'', the items will be placed in your shopping cart until you check out. You can review your cart anytime by clicking on the ''Cart - Items'' button. To remove anything from your shopping cart, click on the scroll next to  ''Cart - Items'' and then on the cross in front of the product you want to remove.

How do I checkout ?

Checking out is easy: Go to your shopping cart by clicking the ''Cart - Items'' button to review your order. Then click the Checkout button and follow the instructions. You will need to know your contact details, delivery address and billing address. If you don't want to pay online, you will be given different payment options to choose from. You can check your cart with your products, your total and remove products at anytime.

How can I pay for my order ?

You can pay for your order via bank transfer (Direct Deposit), with you credit card via Paypal Express, with your Paypal account or just call us on the phone to pay via credit card.

To pay with Visa card or Master Card, you have to choose PayPal Express, then you will be redirected to the Paypal website where you can choose to pay with your credit card. 

Why can't I pay online for Bandsaw Blades?

Because the bandsaw blades are specifics for each use, and we want to treat all quote specifically with you. We supply depending upon application and availability on blade. We do not keep all items in our warehouse, we sometimes need to confirm that we are able to get the products.

And if I need a special quote ?

Please email or phone us if you have any queries regarding the order.


In this section, you can find some articles about ALKEM, about our news, about our industry and our products. Stay tuned on our blog to get further information and be aware of different subjects we treat.

Our suppliers

You could find the list of all our suppliers. All theses suppliers work with us for several years, and we have a really good relationship to always provide you the bests prices on the markets. We sell all the products they provide, you can ask us to quote for products you can't find in our shop.