6 of the Most Frequently Used Electrical Tools

6 of the Most Frequently Used Electrical Tools

Although electrical work is almost invariably best left to an electrician, when carrying out electrical services work, a range of tools and equipment are commonly used. Of course, different electrical projects require different tools, but the following items are some of the most frequently and extensively used for electrical work around the home and in public buildings.

Fish tape

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Fish tape is most useful to those performing electrical work because it enables stranded or solid wire to be pulled through a conduit made from metal or PVC. To further facilitate this, lube specifically designed for cables is available and this provides great assistance for pulling wires through a pipe.

Tape measure

Image result for tape measureIt is hardly a surprise that a tape measure is used when much electrical work is done. A tape measure is useful for measuring heights for switches and power points and of course for measuring where electrical equipment (such as plasma televisions) will be mounted on walls. There are no limits to the ways that a tape measure can be used when electrical work is being carried out, but because so many of us demand and appreciate the precise placement of fixtures and outlets, they are indeed useful. You can find our Tape Measure from different brands.

Voltmeter or testing unit

Related imageWhen working with electrical circuits and devices, it is extremely important that the power is off before any work begins. However, it is not enough to believe that you have turned the power off and this is all that needs to be done. Rather, you need to check and be completely sure that no electricity is flowing or present. A voltmeter is helpful for this purpose as it is used for checking voltage measurements and confirming whether or not circuits are live.



Image result for hammerA hammer too has many varied purposes and uses for the completion of electrical work in the home. Some types of wiring require that a hammer be used to secure straps and other elements of the wiring while a hammer is also used for securing boxes featuring nail-on brackets to studs in and around the home.


Wire strippers

Image result for Wire strippersAs wires are surrounded by insulation, a device to remove insulation from the wire is often necessary. Wire strippers fulfil this purpose. These tools are available with teeth of different sizes in order to deal with wires of different sizes. Wire strippers also include a section for cutting wire and therefore are a very handy (and often used) tool.


Non-contact voltage detector

Related imageAs its name implies, a voltage detector can be used to perform a quick safety check that will indicate whether voltage or current is flowing without placing anything on the circuit or device. A number of non-contact voltage detectors are automatic while others need to be turned on by way of a switch. Essentially, this tool is used by locating the end of the tracer near to a wire, circuit breaker or cord and this will show whether voltage or current is present. Any electrician will tell you that a huge range of tools and equipment are often needed to carry out electrical services work. While this is true and you are likely to be very impressed with the range of tools carried and used by an electrician, six of the most commonly and frequently used tools will be found in the kit of any professional.


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