How to fold/roll a bandsaw blade ?

How to fold or roll a bandsaw blade ?

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Scene 1: When the bandsaw blade is unrolled, hold it in just above the middle with your two hands and push toward the centre with your thumbs.

Scene 2: Keep pushing with your thumbs and make sure that the top starts rolling forward towards the bottom of the band.

Scene 3: Now get your hands closer by keeping the top of the blade down.

Scene 4: Cross your hands and join the 2 sides of the blades over each other.

Scene 5: Then you will feel that the sides will be attracted to each other, help them to follow this attraction. Let the blade roll into itself.

Scene 6: Your bandsaw blade is now folded, make sure to attach something around it to keep it safe.

Watch our video to help you to understand better How to fold a bandsaw Blade.

How to fold or roll a bandsaw Blade Alkem Industrial Supplies

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